39th Bomb Wing - SAC - Eglin AFB - B-52

39th Bombardment Wing
39th Wing



Based at: Eglin AFB, Florida
Aircraft: B-52
Status: Now the 39th Wing
Squadrons: 62 BS

      Established as the 39th Bombardment Wing, Heavy, and activated on November 15, 1962, and assigned to the 822nd Air Division of the Strategic Air Command.  Organized February 1, 1963, 
at Eglin AFB in Pensacola, Florida.  It trained to maintain combat readiness for strategic bombardment on global scale, 19631965.  Maintained airborne alert, ground alert, and participated in numerous exercises until inactivation on 25 Jun 1965.  .It oversaw the operations of the 62d Bomb Squadron which was originally assigned to the 4135th Strategic Wing. The 62d Bomb Squadron flew B-52G's from the time it acquired them from the 301st Bomb Squadron on February 1, 1963 until the unit transferred to Barksdale AFB in Bossier City, Louisiana on June 25, 1965. At this time the 39th Bomb Wing was inactivated.
Tactical Role
     The unit was redesignated the 39th Tactical Group, and activated, on 14 Mar 1966. Organized on 1 Apr 1966 at. Incirlik AB (later, Incirlik Common Defense Installation; Incirlik Installation). The 39th Tactical Group replaced the 7216th Combat Support Group on 1 Apr 1966 to control permanent support units and deployed weapons training detachments at Incirlik, Turkey. Known as TUSLOG (The United States Logistics Group) Detachment 10 within Turkey until 1 Oct 1982, it supported the USAFE and NATO operational missions in the Middle East. Provided disaster relief and mercy missions as required during fires, floods, earthquakes, and other such disasters. 
On January 31, 1984, it consolidated with the 39th Bombardment Wing, Heavy, which was established, and activated, in 1962 and inactivated in 1965.  Provided support for US and NATO forces during operations in Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe, Aug 1990.  
     Redesignated 39th Wing on Oct 1, 1993.   Controlled the aircraft of deployed units, 1966.  
 62 BS:  Assigned Feb. 1, 1963 - June 25, 1965.  Acquired B-52Gs previously used by the 
      301 BS, 4135th Strategic Wing.  Flew them until 1965.  Then reassigned to the 2nd Bomb Wing at
      Barksdale AFB. Louisiana on June 25,1965