95th Bombardment Wing
95th Strategic Wing
95th Air Base Wing

Motto: "Justice With Victory"


Based at: Biggs AFB, Texas, Goose Bay AB
Aircraft: B-36, B-52, KC-135
Status: Inactivated June 25, 1966.  Activated Oct 21, 1994 as the 95th Air Base Wing
Squadrons: 334 BS, 335 BS, 336 BS, 412 BS, 917 AR

     Established as the 95th Bombardment wing, Medium on June 4, 1952, and supposedly activated on June 16th at Biggs AFB, Texas.  Redesignated the 95th Bombardment Wing, Heavy on Nov. 8th.  However it was nothing more than a
paper unit until July, 1953.
B-36 Peacemaker
     The 95th was minimally manned through September, 1953 when it began receiving B-36s and started training with them.  By April of the following year, it was fully operational and supported SAC's global commitments.  From July through November of 1955, the wing was deployed to Andersen AB, Guam, and operated under control of the 3d Air Division.
B-52 Stratofortress & KC-135 Tankers
     Converted to B-52 in 1959, but had little time to enjoy them.  The threat of Soviet Missile attack led SAC to disburse it's B-52 bombers.  Two of the 95th Bomb Wings squadrons were assigned to newly formed strategic wings.  This left the wing with one squadron of fifteen B-52s and a squadron of tankers.  This had the effect of making it a strategic wing, but it was not redesignated as such until August 8, 1966.   In January of that year, the wing began phasing down.  That was complete by June 25th when the 95th was inactivated. 
Aerial Refueling Mission
      The death was short lived, as was reactivated as the 95th Strategic Wing on August 8th.  As such,  it supported SAC's KC-135 alert tanker forces in eastern Canada and over the North Atlantic until 
December 1975.   

     Discontinued and inactivated June 25, 1966.  Redesignated the 95th Air Base Wing on Sep 16, 1994
and activated on Oct 1, 1994.
All three bomb squadrons flew B-36s and B-52s
334 BS: Assigned June 16, 1952 - June 25, 1966 (Not operational June 16, 1952 - Sept 6, 1953)
        Flew B-52B from 1959 until inactivated on June 25, 1966.
335 BS: Assigned June 16, 1952 - Jan. 15, 1959 (Not operational June 16, 1952 - Sept 6,1953)
        Assigned to the 4130th Strategic Wing on Jan. 15, 1959
336 BS: Assigned June 16, 1952 - July 1, 1959 (Not operational June 16 -1952 - Sept 6,1953)
        Assigned to the
4138th Strategic Wing on Jan. 15, 1959    
917 AR: Assigned May 1, 1959 - Jan 15,1965