306th Bombardment Wing
306th Strategic Wing

Motto "Abundance of Strength"


Based at: MacDill AFB, McCoy AFB, Ramstein AB, Germany
Aircraft: B-29, B-47, B-52
Status: Inactivated February 1992

Squadrons: 367 BS, 368 BS, 369 BS, 423 BS, 305 AR, 306 AR, 919 AR
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    Established as the 306th Bombardment wing, Medium on Aug 11, 1948.  Activated on Sept 1, 1950 at MacDill AFB, Florida.
B-29 Superfortress
    The 306th provided B-29 transition training for SAC aircrews from Sept 1950 to Feb 1951.
B-47 Stratofortess & KC-97 Tankers
Deliveries of the new B-47A Stratojet to the USAF began in December of 1950.  It entered service in May, 1951 with the 306th Bombardment Wing. The 306th was intended to act as a training outfit to prepare future B-47 crews. The B-47As were primarily training aircraft and were not considered as being combat ready, since most of them were unarmed and were initially without almost any of their vital electronic components. Only four of the ten had the K-2 bombing navigation system. The tail armament of two 0.50-inch machine guns was tested with an A-2 fire control system on 49-1906 and with an A-5 fire control system on 49-1908. None of the B-47As ever saw any operational duty, but some of them stayed with the Air Proving Command.  The 306th also received KC-97 tankers during 1951. 
     During 1952, it developed combat procedures and techniques for the new bomber and soon emerged as a leader in jet bombardment tactics and strategies.  In 1953, it became the first operational B-47 Wing. The wing became the backbone of the US Nuclear Deterrence Strategy by maintaining high levels of ground alert in the US and at overseas bases. The Wing was awarded  the Air Force Outstanding Unit  citation for its role as a pioneer and leader in jet bombardment tactics.  Deployed at Fairford RAF Station England, Jun - Sept, 1953, at Ben Guerir AB French Morocco (later, Morocco) Jan - Feb, 1955, Oct 1956 - Jan 1957 and Oct 1957.  Deployed at Hunter AFB Georgia Oct -Dec. 1962.  As it's B-47s were being phased out, the wing phased down for inactivation in 1963.
B-52 Stratofortress & KC-135s
     The 306th Bomb Wing moved to McCoy AFB, Florida on April 1, 1963, where it replaced the 4047th Strategic Wing.  It received it's B-52 bombers and KC-135 Stratotankers.  Maintained combat proficiency by constant training in strategic bombardment and air refueling operation until Fall 1973.  The 306th Air Refueling Squadron was assigned to the 4047th in early 1962 upon converting from KC-97s to KC-135 Tankers.  During the cold war, the 306ths' primary mission at McCoy AFB was deterring nuclear attack on the US by maintaining constant ground alert, and flying frequent cycles of airborne alert.
     In 1966 the wing began preparing and training for deployment to the Western Pacific in support of Projects Arc Light & Young Tiger. In September 1966 the wing deployed to Andersen AFB, Guam and to Kadena AFB, Okinawa. Its mission while in the Western Pacific was to "...Conduct bombing raids in support of US and allied ground forces fighting in the Vietnamese War." Later the wing also operated from U Tapao Royal Thai Airfield, Thailand as U. S. forces built up in the Vietnam theater. The 919th Air Refueling Squadron was assigned to McCoy in March 1967.
     The 306th continued frequent Arc Light and Young Tiger deployments to the Western Pacific operating bases in support of the many Vietnam campaigns, and in Line Backer I and II Operations over North Viet Nam. While at McCoy, between deployments, the wing continued its' nuclear deterrent mission by maintaining B-52s and KC-135s on nuclear ground alert. The Wing earned a second Outstanding Unit Award in January 1968.
     Final inactivation of the 306th Bombardment Wing began in 1973 and was completed in July 1974.
306th Strategic Wing
     Activated in August 1975 to replace the 98th Strategic Wing at Ramstein AB, Germany.  (Not Operational Aug 15 - Sept 30, 1976, while becoming organized.)   Functioned as the focal point for all SAC operation in Europe and as liaison between SAC and USAFE (and European Command ) Employed KC/RC-135 aircraft and crews on loan from US. based SAC wings for air refueling and reconnaissance operations..
      The 306th SW operated until February 1992 when the 100th Air Refueling Wing (USAFE), assumed the 306th SW responsibilities and became Headquarters European Tanker Task Force.
    Inactivated February 1992.
306 BG: Assigned Sept 1, 1950-June 16, 1952 (Not operational Feb 10, 1951 - June 16, 1952)
The first three bomb squadrons flew B-29s and B-47s.  The 423rd was assigned to the wing
       in 1959-62 as part of the consolidation of B-47 units that were being phased out.
       The 367th, which received B-52s, was the only bomb squadron to continue operations.
367 BS: Attached Feb 10, 1951 - June 15, 1952.  Assigned June 16, 1952 - July 1, 1974
       (Not operational Jan 3 - April 1, 1953 and Nov 1, 1973 - July 1, 1975)
       Acquired the B-52Ds previously flown by the 347 BS, 4047th Strategic Wing on April 1, 1963.
       Operated them until Fall 1973, along with some B-52C in 1967-71.  Non operational From Nov 1, 1973
       until inactivated on July 1, 1974
368 BS: Attached Feb.10, 1951 - June 15, 1952.  Assigned June 16, 1952 - April 1, 1963
369 BS: Attached Feb 10, 1951 - June 15, 1952.  Assigned June 16, 1952 - April 1, 1963
        (Not operational Jan 3 - April 1 1963)
423 BS: Assigned Jan 1, 1959 - Jan 1, 1962 (Not operation Oct 15, 1961 - Jan 1, 1962
305 AR: Attached Jan 5,1954 - Feb. 21, 1955.  Attached c. Dec 20, 1956 - c. Jan 9, 1957. 
        Assigned May 1, 1959 - Jan 15, 1960
306 AR: Attached Feb. 10, 1951 - June 15, 1952.  Assigned June 16, 1952 - July 1, 191962
        (Detached Nov 8 - Dec 22, 1954; Jan 5 - Feb. 21, 1955; Dec 30, 1956- Jan 9, 1957; Oct 9-15, 1957;
        July 1 - Oct  5, 1958; April 5 - July 12, 1961.  Not operational June 13 - July 1, 1952)
        Assigned April 1, 1963 - Sept 30, 1973 (Not operational Sept 1-30, 1973
919 AR; Assigned Mar 25, 1967-Jan 30, 1972 (not operational Jun 15-30, 1971)
Det 1: HQ 306 SW  Oct 1, 1976 -
Det 2: HQ 306 SW  Aug 15, 1976 - (Not operational Aug 30 - Sept 30, 1976)
Det 3: HQ 306 SW  Oct 1, 1976 -