410th Bombardment Wing
No known motto
Based at: K. I. Sawyer AFB
Aircraft: B-52, KC-135
Status: Inactivated c. Dec. 1994
Squadrons: 644 BS, 46 ARS

     Established as the 410th Bombardment Wing, Heavy and activated Nov. 15, 1962. Organized Feb. 1, 1963 at K. I. Sawyer, AFB, Michigan, where it replaced the 4042nd Strategic Wing.  Conducted strategic bombardment training and and air refueling operations on a global scale to meet SAC commitments.
     Supported combat operations in Southeast Asia with KC-135 aircraft and crews from 1964 to 1975 and with B-52 crews, 1968-1975.
      Inactivated circa December, 1994
644 BS: Assigned: Feb. 1, 1963 - Dec, 1994.  Acquired the B-52Hs previously flown by the 526 BS
        4042nd Strategic Wing when became operational.  Transferred final B-52H to 5th Bomb Wing
        on Nov. 21, 1994, in preparation for being inactivated.
   46 AR: Assigned  Feb. 1, 1963 - Dec. 1994.