449th Bombardment Wing
Motto "Never Unprepared"
Based at: Kincheloe AFB, Michigan
Aircraft: B-52, KC-135
Status: Inactivated September 30, 1977.
Bomb Squadrons: 716 BS, 908 AR

Initial SAC Bomb Group
The 449h Bombardment Group was one of the ten bombardment groups assigned to SAC when it was first formed March 21, 1946. It flew B-17s, B-24s and B-25s in the European Theater of Operations during World War II.  It was inactivated August 4, 1946.  Of the ten original groups, all but the 93rd and the 509th were inactivated in 1946.  (See
Original Bomb Groups).
     Established as the 449th Fighter-Bomber Wing on March 23, 1953. Redesignated 449th Bombardment Wing, Heavy and activated on Nov. 15, 1962.  Organized on February 1, 1963 at Kincheloe AFB, Michigan where it replaced the
4239th Strategic Wing.  Added air refueling to the mission in July 1963.
     The 449th supported SAC combat operations in southeast Asia by furnished KC135 aircraft and crews from November 1965 to December 1975 and B-52 crews from May 1968 to June 1965.  Responsible for phasing down Kincheloe AFB for closure, July to September 1977.
     Inactivated September 30, 1977.
716 BS: Assigned  Feb 1 1963 - Sept. 30, 1977.  Flew B-52H previously used by the 93rd Bomb Squadron,
4239th Strategic Wing on Feb 1, 1953 and flew until inactivated.
908 AR: Assigned  July 1, 1963 - Sept. 30, 1977