454th Bombardment Wing 
Motto "Deter or Destroy"
Based at: Columbus AFB, Miss.
Aircraft: B-52, KC-135
Status: Inactivated July 2, 1969
Squadrons: 736 BS, 901 ARS

Troop Carrier Roots
      Established as the 454th Troop Carrier Wing, Medium, on May 25, 1952.  Activated in the Reserve on June 13, 1952.  Inactivated January 1, 1953.
Activated in SAC
    Redesignated the 454th bombardment Wing, Heavy and activated November 15, 1962.  Organized February 1, 1963 at Columbus AFB, Miss., where it replaced the 4228th Strategic Wing.  Conducted air refueling operations and trained in bombardment operations.
    The 454th wing headquarters, staff, tactical aircraft and crews and maintenance personnel were integrated into SAC's combat forces in the Pacific and Southeast Asia from November 16, 1965 until March 31, 1966; June 27, 1967 to December 23, 1967, and June 28, 1968 to December 20, 1968.  During these periods, the 454th Combat Support Group continued to operated Columbus AFB.  Began phasing down for inactivation in May 1969 and ceased flying operations two days before deactivation.
     Deactivated July 2, 1969.
736 BS:  Assigned Feb. 1, 1963 - July 2, 1969.  Upon activation, received the B-52Fs previously flown by
        the 492 BS  4228th Strategic Wing. Converted to B-52D in 1965 for Vietnam operations.  Kept them
        until inactivated.  Some B-52Cs were also assigned during 1968-69.  
901 AR:  Assigned Feb. 1, 1963 - July 2, 1969