461st Bombardment Wing
No known motto
Based at: Amarillo AFB, Texas
Aircraft: B-52, KC-135
Status: Inactivated March 25, 1968
Squadrons: 764 BS, 909 ARS 

Tactical Roots
    Established as the 461st Bombardment Wing, Light on Dec. 11, 1953. Activated December 23, 1953 at Hills AFB, Utah.  Redesignated 461st Bombardment wing, Tactical on October 1, 1955, at Blytheville AFB, Arkansas.  It flew B-26s from 1953 to 1956 and B-57s from 1955 to 1958. 
SAC Assignment
     Assigned to the Strategic Air Command on November 15, 1962 and redesigned the 461st Bombardment Wing, Heavy.  Organized February 1, 1963 at Amarillo AFB, Texas, where it absorbed the personnel and equipment of the 4128th Strategic Wing.  Trained with B-52s maintained heavy bombardment proficiency and participated in numerous operational readiness inspections and actual and simulated exercises.
     Deployed B-52 aircraft and crews to Anderson AFB, Guam from January 18, to July 4, 1967 for combat operations in Southeast Asia.  
     Inactivated March 25, 1968.
764 BS: Assigned Feb. 1, 1963 - March 25, 1968.  Upon activation, it received the B-52Ds previously
       flown by the 710 BS 4128th Strategic Wing and flew them until the wing was inactivated.  Also
       flew some B-52cs in 1967-68
(another source says 728BS)
909 AR: Assigned Apr 1, 1963 - June 25, 1966.
Comments by Visitors.
Gary Mailander  GMailander@aol.com :
.  Under components for the 461stBW- should read as
follows: 764thBS: assigned Feb 1, 1963-March 25, 1968.  Upon activation, it received  the B-52D's previously flown by the 718thBS 4128th Strategic Wing etc. You have 710thBS which did not exist at that time.  Further down you have:  (another source says 728th BS).  I believe the 728th was a troop carrier  squadron at that time.