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    The Atlas Missile was the first operational intercontinental ballistic missile in America's nuclear arsenal and the beginning of the United States Space Program.  The book Atlas Missile states that the program was the most expensive and comprehensive engineering feat in history - at least up to that time.  The lessons learned with Atlas were later applied to the Titan, Minuteman and Saturn, which made the moon landing. 
      Although the Atlas left SAC's arsenal, they were far from dead.  Eventually most ended up at Vandenberg AFB, where they have been used to launch a great many satellites.  Over the years, there have been many modifications of them and they are still being used.  Last year, one of the news magazines reported that the remaining supply were receiving new engines.  Ironically the new engines had been purchased from Russia.  They were probably made very near the targets that the Atlas was designed to destroy. 

Postcard showing Atlas Missile on display

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