465th Bombardment Wing
Motto "Checkmate to Aggression"
Based at: Robins AFB, Georgia
Aircraft: B-52, KC-135
Status: Inactivated July 25, 1968.  Replaced by the 19th Bomb Wing
Squadrons: 781 BS, 912 ARS

Troop Carrier Roots
     Established as the 465th Troop Carrier wing, Medium on August 21, 1953. Activated August 25, 1953 at Mitchel AFB, NY.   Flew C-119 "Flying Boxcar."  Inactivated July 8, 1957.
Assigned to SAC
     Redesignated 465th Bombardment Wing, Heavy and activated November 15, 1962.  Organized February 1, 1963 at Robins AFB, Georgia, where it assumed the resources of the 4137th Strategic Wing.  It conducted strategic bombardment training and air refueling operation.
     Inactivated July 25, 1968.  
781 BS: Assigned Feb. 1, 1963 - July 25, 1968.  Flew B-52Gs previously flown by the 342 BS,
        4137th Strategic Wing until inactivated.  Aircraft and crews assigned to the 
       28 BS,  19th Bombardment Wing.    
912 AR: Feb. 1, 1963 - July 25, 1968