19th Bomb wing - Homestead AFB - B52
19th Bombardment Wing
19th Air Refueling Wing

Motto: "On Wings We Conquer"


Based at: Anderson AFB,  Pinecastle AFBHomestead AFBRobins AFB
Aircraft: B-29, B-47, B-52
Status: Active as 19th Air Refueling Wing
Squadrons: 28 BS, 30 BS, 93 BS

     Established as the 19th Bombardment Wing on August 10, 1948 from resources of the former North Guam Air Force Base Command (Provisional).  Operated North Guam (later, Andersen) AFB, Guam, and maintained proficiency in B29s.
In May 1949, headquarters 20th Air Force moved from Guam to Okinawa and it's former staff was assigned to the 19th Bomb Wing.  The wing assumed responsibility for administering two active and one semi-active bases plus an assortment of communication, weather, radar, rescue and other facilities and units including the Marianas Air Material Area, a wing size unit.  Many of the units and facilities were inactivated with a few months.  In October 1949, the 19th Wing again became subordinated to the 20th AF and the remaining units in the Marianas and Bonin Islands were transferred to other organizations.  From October 17, 1949 until June 28, 1950, the wing continued B-29 training, operation of Anderson AFB and some rescue and reconnaissance missions.
Korean War
On June 25, 1950, the Korean War broke out.  The 19th Bomb Group was detached from SAC and assigned to Far East Air Force (FEAF).  It immediately deployed to a forward base to get closer to planned targets.   On the night of June 28th - only three days after the outbreak of the war -  the 19th Bomb Wing B-29s struck enemy bridges, trucks, tanks and supply columns.  This was the first use of SAC's combat power.   The 19th Group returned to the United States and SAC on June 1, 1953.  [See Korean War].
B-47 Stratojet
    The battle-weary veteran aircrews of the 19th flew to Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona and dropped of their old B-29s,  then proceeded to Pinecastle AFB, Florida where they began receiving shiny new B-47s.  They were assigned the 28th, 30th, and 93rd Bomb Squadrons on June 1, 1953.  The wing Deployed to Sidi Slimane AB, French Morocco, from January to April of 1956.  Upon it's return, it was moved to Homestead AFB, Florida.  It was deployed to Ben Guerir AB, Morocco, May to July 1957.  From July 1957 to Apr 1961, the wing maintained a portion of its tactical resources on overseas alert.  It's B-47s were then phased out.
Air Refueling
The 19th took on an aerial refueling mission.  The 100th Air Refueling Squadron was attached to the wing from February 2, 1955 until August 16, 1956.  In February 1956, the 19th Air Refueling Squadron was assigned to the wing.   Both flew KC-97s.
B-52 Stratofortress / KC-135 Tankers
      On July 1, 1961, it was r
edesignated 19th Bomb Wing (Heavy)  and began converting to B-52s.  The official Air Force Wing History states, "It moved without personnel or equipment to Robins AFB, Georgia, on July 25, 1968 and absorbed resources of the 465th Bombardment Wing."  This is simply a complicating way of saying that the old 19th was discontinued and another wing was given it numeric designation.   It didn't keep all the planes very long.  SAC was then in the process of establishing Strategic Wings and the 19th lost four squadrons to them.  This left the 19th with one squadron of B-52s. It was, in effect, a strategic wing, but was not redesignated as such. 
      Furnished B52 and KC135 aircraft and crews to other SAC organizations involved in combat operations in Southeast Asia, and late in 1972 the wing headquarters reduced to a small housekeeping unit because of personnel deployments. Regained KC135 and B52 aircraft and crews and resumed normal operations in Nov 1973.
Later Years
    Won the Omaha Trophy as the "outstanding wing in SAC" for 1981.  Redesignated an air refueling wing on 1 Oct 1983, began worldwide aerial refueling missions for various operations and exercises, and supported the European Tanker Task Force.  Flew aerial refueling missions supporting the rescue efforts in Grenada, 2324 Oct 1983.  Beginning in 1984, provided two EC135 aircraft and crews to support the United States Central Commands mission in Southwest Asia. With conversion to KC135R aircraft, gained the additional missions of supporting the Pacific and Alaska Tanker Task Forces in Mar 1988, and the Caribbean Tanker Task Force in Mar 1990. Wing aircraft and crews set sixteen world aviation records in the "Time to Climb Event" on 19 Nov 1988.  Flew aerial refueling missions for the invasion of Panama, 1821 Dec 1989. Deployed KC/EC135 aircraft and personnel to Southwest Asia, Aug 1990Mar 1991, to provide aerial refueling and transport of cargo, and command, control and communications aircraft. Starting 1 Jan 1992, provided an EC137 and crews to support the United States Special Operations Command. Began supporting the Saudi Tanker Task Force in Aug 1992.  
     The 19th Bomb Wing ceased B-52 operations on October 1, 1983 at which time the unit was redesignated the 19th Air Refueling Wing, Heavy.  Redesignated the 19th Air Refueling Wing on September 1, 1991.  

19  BG (later, 19th Operations): Assigned Aug 17, 1948 Jun 1, 1953.  (Detached Jun 28, 1950  
     Jun 1, 1953); 1 Sep 1991 .
457 Operations: Assigned Jul 1, 1993   Oct 1, 1994.
    All six of the bombardment squadrons flew B-47s.  The first three flew with the 19th Bomb Wing
       from 1953 until phased out in 1961-1962.  The last three were assigned to wing as the result of other
       wings being phased out.  They were in operation only a short period, before they too were phased out.
  28 BS: Assigned June 1, 1953 Oct 1, 1983.  Received B-52H in Feb 1962 and flew until 1958.
       Transferred to Robins AFB Georgia on July 25, 1958 and acquired B-52G previously flown by the
       781BS, 465 Bombardment Wing.  Inactivated Oct 1, 1983.
  30 BS: Assigned Jun  1, 1953 - Jan    1, 1962.  Then assigned to the 4133rd Strategic Wing
  93 BS: Assigned Jun  1, 1953 - Aug   1, 1961.  Then assigned to the 4239th Strategic Wing
525 BS: Assigned Jan  9, 1961 - Mar 15, 1961.  Then assigned to the 4136th Strategic Wing
526 BS: Assigned Jan  9, 1961 - June  1, 1961.  Then assigned t0 the 4042nd Strategic Wing
659 BS: Assigned Nov  1, 1958 - Jul     1, 1961. 
  19 AR: Assigned Feb  1, 1956 - Apr   1, 1960 (Detached Feb 1 Jun 1, 1956). 
100 AR: Attached  Feb  2, 1955 - Aug 16, 1956. 
303 AR: Assigned Nov  1, 1959 - Apr 1, 1961. 
407 AR: Assigned Apr  1,  1962 - Jul 2, 1968. 
912 AR: Assigned Jul  25, 1968 -  Sep 1, 1991.  
21 Troop Carrier: Attached Jan 12 Feb 1, 1950.