Lockheed-Martin F-117 Nighthawk

     The F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter Attack Aircraft is somewhat misnamed.  It is not a true fighter because it has no capability to fight air to air combat and has no defenses, such as chaff, flare, dispensers, radar jammers etc.  It relies completely on its stealth capability and the darkness of night to avoid air defenses and enemy fighters.
       The mission of the aircraft is to penetrate dense threat environments and attack high value targets with high accuracy.  The F-117A was classified as a "black" program. The development and production was highly classified and done secretly.  In 1988 the USAF declassified the stealth and the public and the press was shown to some extent the stealth capabilities.  
     The Nighthawk was made for the Gulf War.  It's stealth capabality let it spearheaded the air assault against Iraq.  It hit vital targets in Baghdad in the first few minutes and took out the nation's air defense command and control system.  
      The F-117A was the work horse of the Coalition strategic air campaign. The 42 aircraft in-theatre flew more than 1,200 combat sorties, over 6,900 combat hours and delivering more than 2,000 tons of ordnance with pin point accuracy.  They took out numerous hardened aircraft shelters, bridges, railroad choke points, major highways and other targets.  The remarkable thing about this impressive record is that none were ever detected, much less fired upon.