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Minuteman Missile Deployment
  The Minuteman missile was deployed under the wing organization.  Each wing generally had three squadrons and 150 missile silos.  Today only three of the seven wings are operational.  450 Minuteman missiles are on alert.  Another 50 operational missiles are held in reserve.
44th Strategic Missile Wing - 850th SMS (Titan I) 66th SMS, 67th SMS, 68th SMS
Ellsworth AFB, SD. Activated Nov. 24, 1961.  First had Titan I, then Minuteman I, then Minuteman II.  Wing inactivated.  July 4, 1994
90th Strategic Missile Wing - 319th SMS, 320th SMS, 321st SMS, 400th SMS (P'keeper)
Francis E. Warren AFB.  Activated Feb. 21, 1963.  Now the 90th Space Wing.  It is the nation's largest and most modern strategic missile unit.  Today, the wing maintains 150 Minuteman III missiles over a 12,600-square mile area in Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado. It's 50 Peacekeeper missiles have been retired.   ACTIVE
91st Strategic Missile Wing - 740th SMS, 741st SMS, 742nd SMS
Minot, ND.  Activated.  One of the Air Force’s three operational missile units.  The wing controls 150 Minuteman III missiles, located over an 8,500 square mile area in north central North Dakota.  ACTIVE
321 Strategic Missile Wing - 446th SMS, 447th SMS, 448th SMS
Grand Forks  Activated Aug. 14, 1964.  150 Minuteman Missiles.  The last missile was removed from its silo on June 3, 1998.  The wing was inactivated July 2
341st Strategic Missile Wing - 10th SMS, 12th SMS, 490th SMS, 564th SMS
Malmstrom AFB, ND.  Activated  July 1, 1961  Now the 341st Space Wing.
150 operational silos.  ACTIVE
351st Strategic Missile Wing.  - 508th SMS, 509th SMS, 510th SMS
Whiteman AFB,   Activated June 1, 1961.  150 Minuteman Missiles.
Deactivated September 28, 1991
455 Strategic Missile Wing  - 740th SMS, 741st SMS, 742nd SMS
Minot, ND.  Activated June 28, 1962.  Replaced by the 91st Strategic Missile Wing on June 25, 1968