USAF Patches - Strategic Air Command, bombers, fighters, air divisions and more


Patches for Trade

These are duplicates.  Will trade for patches I do not have.  These patches are not for sale, only trade.
Page 1 - Bomb Wings - More to follow
First SAC Patch.
Used prior to armored fist patch.  SCARCE
6th BW 22nd BW  42nd BW 92nd SAW
93rd BW 96th BW 99th BW 305th BW
307th BW 320th BW 379 SW 449th BW
509th BW 4025 SRS   72nd BW
550 SMS - Atlas
Schilling AFB
508 SMS - 351 SMW
Early Minuteman
320 SMS / 90 SMW
740 SMS / 91 SMW
15h Air Force 20h Air Force 742 SMS / 91 SMW
410th BW