USAF Patches - Strategic Air Command, bombers, fighters, air divisions and more


Want List

If you have any of these, let me know.  Please quote price.
Bomb Wings
11th BW 39th BW 43rd BW 44th BW
44th BW 70th BW 90th BW 90th SRW
91st BW 92nd BW 93rd BW 100th ARW
No Photo
301 ARW
2 variations
303rd BW 306th BW 308th BW
Not in
Ponder V. 3
No Photo
310th BW 311th RW 316th BW 341st BW
Have small size
 376th SW 380th BW
Note inscription
397th BW 416th BW
  456th SAW 461st BW 462nd SAW
484th BW 497th ARW 509th BW 544 Recon Intell Wg
4-Digit Wings
These are all listed on two pages.  I only have the ones marked "HAVE"