Strategic Air Command

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SAC Bomb & Recon Wing Posters

    We are proud to present the first three posters
honoring the men and units that won the cold war.
Each poster commemorates the bombardment and
reconnaissance wings that flew an individual
aircraft.  They are designed as a matched set
so each can be displayed individually or they can
be combined for an attractive wall grouping.
    All follow the same format.  At the top
is a magnificent illustration of the aircraft accompanied
by a brief operational history.
   The bulk of the poster is patches worn by that wing
during the time it flew the aircraft.  Below each, a
caption cites longest used name (same wings changed
names over the years), it's primary base, the years it
flew the aircraft and its flying squadrons.
    The first three titles are the B-29 and B-50
Superfortress, the B-47 Stratojet and the
B-52 Stratofortress.
    All are 18" x 24" in size and printed in full color
using non-fade inks on heavy 100 lb. acid free paper
to insure long life. 
    Posters may be ordered from Edugraphics.Net



Two other titles are in development
Rough layouts are shown below

The above posters are in early stages of design.
B-47 has been used to indicate approximate size and position of new illustration.
Note layout guides showing rows and columns.   These will be removed.

Pictures are screen shots from page design program.  The various layout and element lines will not appear on printed poster.
Aircraft images now being prepared.  B-47 on some posters size and position only.  It will be replaced.
Primary purpose of above screen shots is to insure consistent design between posters as
many will want to display one or more as a set.

    We are now in the process of preparing full-color posters honoring SAC's bombardment and reconnaissance wings.  There are to be five of them, arranged by aircraft.  Each poster will show a photo of the airplane(s) and give a brief operational history.  The bulk of the poster is the patches worn by the wings that flew the subject aircraft.  Under each will be a caption citing the unit's most frequently used name (Bomb Wing, Strategic Wing, Aerospace Wing, etc.), its bases, the years it flew the aircraft and its flying squadrons.  The titles are:
(1) B-29/50 Superfortress, (2) B-47Stratojet, (3) B-52 Stratofortress, (4) B-36 Peacemaker and B-58 Hustler, and (5) other aircraft - includes the FB-111 Aardvark, B-1 Lancer and the SR-71 Blackbird.
    This reflects a change from our initial plan for four posters.  Originally the B-29/50 and B-36 were to be on the same poster. 
However the reference source for the B-29/50 failed to list the reconnaissance wings.  When included, they increased the number of patches that had to be shown from 24 to 29.  The 24 patch layout was very tight and there was simply not enough room to show that many patches and the B-36.  This led to the decision to have a dedicated poster for the B-29/50 and a fifth poster that would show
 the B-36 and B-58, which was moved from the last poster in the series.
    If we are able to recover our cost on these, then other titles will follow.  They may include the Missile units, the air refueling squadrons and wings, Strategic Wings, Strategic Command and Air Combat Command.
       Several very knowledgeable friends are helping me with these posters by providing scans of patches and information on the units.  The primary purpose of this section is to provide a place where all can review the status of Work In Progress and can easily check to see if current information is complete and accurate.  Of course, you are invited to participate.  If you find any errors or omissions, please let us know. 


    The B-29/50, B-47 and B-52 Posters are all coming into the home stretch.  Almost all patch photos have been acquired, layout has been completed and text is being rewritten to fit the layout.  Unit information is being rechecked for accuracy.  Awaiting illustration of aircraft.  All should be complete and off to the printer within a few weeks.  The other two posters will follow.

Specifications and Ordering

   These posters are being printed in full color and will measure 18" x 24".  This is slightly smaller than the standard 24" x 36" poster, but we chose this slightly smaller size because we anticipate that most of you will want to hang two or more of these posters together in a wall grouping.  In such case, the larger size would be overwhelming.
   All posters will sell for $9.95 each.  If you've ever custom framed a large print or poster, then you know that it is very expensive.  For items this size, it generally runs $150 to $200.  So we've ordered a large quantity of pre-made metal frames to get the price down.  We will be able to provide attractive metal frame in your choice of silver, shiny black, gold or white for only $35.00.  You do the framing.
   If you want copies of any of these posters, please reserve them now.  We will notify you when they are available and can then get your shipping address and credit card information.  To reserve your posters or ask a question, send me an email.
New: We just received in posters of Eighth Air Force WWII units showing their patches.   See: Eight Air Force WWII
These will soon be available from the Aviation Section of our Edugraphics.Net website.
New: To aid our research - Who-Wore-What-When.  Extensive chart showing patch by type of plane flown.
Includes currents Air Combat Command patches.  WARNING!  Big Page.  Lots of pictures.  Takes 1-2 minutes to download