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Boeing B-47 Stratojet Gallery - 3 View Drawing
    The B-47 was the only aircraft to have bicycle landing gear.  The pair of wheels were under the fuselage and they carried the weight.  Outrigger gears retracted into the pod which contains the inboard engines.  They acted somewhat like training wheels on a bicycle.  They simply kept the plane balanced.
     One of the most interesting features of the B-47 was the amount of flexibility built into its long, thin wings.  When on alert, the Stratojet was loaded with fuel and weapons.  The plane was so heavy that its main tires were pressed flat.  When on the ground, the wings drooped.

Once in the air, the plane hung from its wings, which then carried all the weight.

     This aircraft's tires are not squished flat and the struts on its outrigger gear are fully extended.  This demonstrates that its is very light - no weapons or fuel.  This is confirmed by the bomb bay doors which are open. SAC policy maintained that they were to be open unless the aircraft is loaded with nuclear weapons.
      The B-47 had interesting ground attitude.  She looked as if she was ready to jump into the air.

 In flight, the Stratojet's backbone was parallel to the ground.  Contrast this with its position on the ground.