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Boeing B-47 Stratojet Gallery - Profiles
B-47B Stratojet
      This is a very early model of the aircraft.  It's exterior is identical to the A model except that the internal JATO has been eliminated. 

B-47E Stratojet
     The E model was the most extensively produced.  This one carries an early-anti-flash paint design.   The anti-flash paint was gloss white applied to the underside of the aircraft. It was designed to reflect the heat of a nuclear blast.  The aircraft flew so high and so fast, the small "United States Air Force" was changed to a much larger "U.S. Air Force" to permit it to be read from greater distances.  On this model the SAC "Milky Way" has been added, as has the SAC crest.

B-47E Stratojet
     This aircraft shows the standard anti-flash finished, which was later adopted. 

B-47E Stratojet
        An extreme example of anti-flash painting. There is no milky way and the radome has been painted. 

ERB-47H Stratojet
      This electronic reconnaissance required no anti-flash paint, as it did not carry nuclear weapons.  The elongated nose was designed to hold electronics.

RB-47K Stratojet
      This aircraft was used for weather reconnaissance.

B-47B Stratojet
      This aircraft was used as a high-altitude test bed for the for the Pratt and Whitney J57 engine developed for the B-52.  They were hung on the outboard pods.  They were tested at the Wright Air Development Center at Dayton, Ohio.