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Boeing B-52 Stratofortress Gallery - Old 100
Dave Matthews  LOGTEC, provided the photos shown below.  The copy that appears below is from the two plaques.  They tell the whole story.  email Matthews David A Contr ASC/GRB  Dave wrote, "I was in Houndog missile (AMMS) at Turner, Wright-Patt, and Homestead.  Went on the first D model ARC-LIGHT (Mar-Sept 66).  I was an augmentee on a load crew, me and two other Houndog electronic types and two MMS types.  There is no doubt that we loaded bombs on 100 several times during that period.
Tail Gunner Compartment Wing
History Plaque Operational History
     The battered B-52D tail section in front of you is what remains of the original aircraft 55-0100, affectionaly nicknamed "Old 100" by the crews that flew it. But how did it get to this location and in this condition?  and isn't it supposed to be on displayed at the Arc Light Memorial?
     Aircraft 55-0100 was heavily used in the Vietnam War. It flew its final combat mission on 29 December 1972 and was one of the three final B-52 aircraft to bomb North Vietnam as part of Operation Linebacker II. Rather than turn the aircraft over to the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center after the war, approval was obtained to retain the bomber at Andersen AFB as a memorial.  the memorial was dedicated on 12 February 1974.
     In 1983, civil engineers and maintenance personnel discovered that the salty air and damp climate of Guam had corroded 55-0100 so badly that was rendered unsafe.  Aircraft 56-0586 replaced old 100 at the Arc Light memorial, but retained the markings of 55-0100.  Aircraft 55-0100 was then removed to the west side of the airfield and earmarked for destruction under the Strategic Arms Limitation Agreement (SALT). It was subsequently dismantled between 12-16 July 1986.  However, a typhoon in 1987, scattered 55-100's fuselage into the jungle with the tail section coming to rest in its present location. Encroaching jungle concealed the aircraft until mid-997 when Typhoon Paka uncovered the tail and assorted debris. 
     In 1999, the Anderson AFB Boy Scouts Troops 20 established this Memorial and maintain it quarterly  Mr. Bill Harris 36 ABW Historian researched and wrote the narrative on the signs.
7 March 1957 - Manufactured by Boeing Aircraft, Seattle Washington and delivered to the USAF.
March 1957.  93rd Bomb Wing, SAC, Castle AFB, CA.
July 1958.  42nd Bomb Wing, SAC, Loring AFB, Maine
Jan 1959 - 4130 Strategic Wing, SAC, Bergstrom AFB TX
Nov 1959 - 02 Bomb Wing; SAC, Fairchild AFB, WA.  (deployment to Larson AFB, GA)
Oct. 1960. 4170 Strategic Wing, SAC, Larson AFB
(deployment to Ellsworth AFB, SD)
Feb. 1965. 482 Bomb wing; SAC; Larson AFB
Feb. 1966 454 Bomb Wing SAC; Turner AFB, GA.
(deployment to Anderson AF Guam)
Oct.1966.  308 Bomb Wing, SAC, McCoy AFB, FL
Dec. 1967.  91s Bomb Wing; SAC Anderson AB
(deployment to U Tapao RTAFB Thailand)
May 1968.  70th Bomb wing; SAC Anderson AB
Oct 1968.  308 Bomb Wing SAC, Anderson AB
(deployment to U. Tapao RTAFB)
April 1969 70th Bomb Wing, SAC, U Tapao
(deployment to Anderson AB)
July 1969 7th Bomb Wing; SAC, Carswell AFB, TX
Aug 1969.  90 Bomb Wing SAC, Westover AFB, MA
(deployment to Anderson AB and Barksdale AFB, LA
Aug 1972 - 22 Bomb wing; SAC; Anderson AFB
Oct 1973.  43 Strategic Wing; Anderson AB and moved from inventory to surplus.
Operational History Plaque B52 55-0100 History Plaque