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At left, under the SAC Shield
The Strategic Air Command provided America's deterrent strength. It began flying the Boeing B-52s in 1955. All Superfortresses were under its command SAC was inactivated in 1962. The two remaining bomb wings are now assigned to the Air Combat Command.
At Center
Boeing's experimental YB-52 Stratofortress first flew in 1952. It was followed by the XB-52, then three B-52As used for operational testing. The Strategic Air Command soon began taking deliveries on the B-52B, then later models. A SAC B-52 bombardment wing originally consisted of three squadrons, each containing fifteen aircraft. In 1957, the Soviet Union launched its Sputnik satellite. Fearing a missile attack on its bases, SAC reorganized its B-52 force into Strategic Wings, each containing one squadron of 15 aircraft. Later, many were redesignated Bombardment Wings. In addition to the wings shown below were temporary 4-digit strategic wings. There have also been provisional wings.
744 Stratofortresses were built. Specially modified “big-belly” D models had enlarged bomb bays and were used during the Viet Nam War. It was there that the proud plane acquired the nickname of “Buff” (Big Ugly Fat Fellow).  At right is the greatly changed “G” model that carried Hound Dog missiles. It was followed by the last model in the series, the “H” which came into service in 1962. It flies at over at over 600 miles per hour at altitudes in excess of 50,000 feet. It can carry over 50,000 pounds of bombs and missiles. It's range exceeds 8,800 miles, but can infinitely extended through the use of aerial refueling. 102 of the giant “H” models were built. Forty years later, 94 of the H-models were still in service. Their airframe has been certified through the year 2040, so they may be around for many years to come. They are now flown by the 2nd and 5th Bombardment Wings.
    The captions list a wing’s most commonly used name, bases where it was stationed, years in which the wing flew B-52s, and its squadrons.  BS = Bomb Squadrons; CCTS = Combat Crew Training Squadrons
(P) = Provisional

About the Patches and Captions

      On the following pages are every constituted (1, 2, and 3 digit) wing that flew B-52s under SAC.  The list of units and the information about each unit has been gleaned from the various appendixes in B-52 Stratofortress by Robert F. Door and Lindsay Peacock.  We have tried to provide an image of the patch in use by each wing during the period it flew the buffs.