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   This is to the be the 4th Poster in the series.  It depicts four aircraft and the wings that flew them.  I had earlier considered using subdued patches for the FB-111 and B-1, but now feel that the color versions will make a more attractive poster.  Subdued patches were certainly used, so will cover the subject in an inset. 

FB-111 Aardvark
These are the only three units that I could find that flew the FB-111.  The patch shown below them might be nice to show too.  I've been told that it was only used by the 380th, but it is generic to the aircraft.  There are four patches under the B-1 photo and copy and having four under the Aardvark will make the poster look more balanced.  Showing aircraft design is consistent with B-58 and B-3 patches.  Input invited. 
      The 340th was continually moved so I'm not sure where it was stationed from 1968-1971.
340th Bomb Group (M)
Carswell AFB, TX
1968 - 1971
4111 BS
380th Bombardment Wing
Plattsburgh AFB, NY
1970 - 1991
528 BS, 4007 CCTS
509th Bombardment Wing
Pease AFB, NH
1970 -1991
509 BS
  Generic Patch Lee's Scan
B-1 Lancer
    I know very little about this aircraft.  Our new B-1 Fact sheet poster lists the names of the four bases to which it was assigned.  From that, I was able to determine the wing.  John Cook is the expert on this subject, so hopefully he can fill in the details. 
7th Bombardment Wing 
Dyess AFB, TX
1993 -
28th Bombardment Wing 
Ellsworth AFB, SD 
1987 -  
John said this is early B1.
Peter suggested this one.
John Cook wrote that it was used when he worked for Boeing.  Suggested shield would be better
319th Bombardment Wing
Grand Forks AFB, ND   
1987 - 1994
384th Bombardment Wing
McConnell AFB, KS
1988 -1994
96th Bombardment Wing
Dyess AFB, TX
SR-71 Blackbird
Subdued Patches
Can someone provide me a few sentences telling when they were used and if they are mandatory o not.  If they were, how can we justify showing color patches.  Just need a brief overview.