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Other 4-Digit Wings

3902nd Air Base Wing
     Activated in 1979 at Offutt AFB, NE and assigned to Strategic Air Command headquarters. 
Inactivated March 1, 1986.  This was apparently the support unit that ran the base supporting the HQ.
  3904th Composite Wing
     Activated in 1950 at Camp Carson, CO.  Assigned to Strategic Air Command.  Reassigned to Fifteenth
 Air Force on 1 Dec 1951.  In April 1952, it moved to Stead AFB, NV.  The 3904th was reassigned to the Air Training Command on 1 Sep 1954.
3960 Air Base Wing
    Activated 1 Apr 1955 at Andersen AFB in Guam.  Assigned to Strategic Air Command, 3rd Air Division.
Redesignated 1 Jul 1956 as 3960th Air Base Group.
3960 Strategic Wing
The 43d Bomb Wing (Medium) was redesignated as the 43d Strategic Wing on February 4, 1970 and activated at Andersen AFB in Guam on April 1, 1970. The 43d Strategic Wing replaced the 3960 Strategic Wing and later in July 1970 assumed the responsibility of the 4133d Strategic Wing for overseeing B-52D operations. The 43d Strategic Wing remained active until November 4, 1986 at which time it was redesignated the 43d Bomb Wing. The 43d was deactivated on September 30, 1990.  Had B52-D 43rd Strategic Wing, Andersen AFB, Guam
60th Bombardment Squadron, 1972-1983
63rd Bombardment Squadron (Provisional), 1972-73
Inactivated 1 Apr 1970.
4025th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
Identification of patch comes from Ponder's USAF Shoulder Patch Guide, Vol. 5, which lists it as a wing.  It was a squadron assigned to the 4080th SW.  See below. 
  4026th Strategic Wing
      Activated 1 Aug 1958, at Wurtsmith AFB, MI.  Assigned to Eighth Air Force.  Reassigned to Second Air Force, 40th Air Division on 1 Jan 1959.  Inactivated 9 Jan 1961  Note: This appears to be one of the
B-52 Strategic Wings, but is not listed as such
  4028th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing - SAC?
Also shown in Ponder.  See notes under 4025th above.
4080 Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
     Activated 1 May 1956, at Turner AFB, GA.  .Assigned to Second Air Force, 40th Air Division.  Flew B-57s.  Moved to Laughlin AFB, TX on 1 Apr 1957  Reassigned to Second Air Force on 1 Apr 1957.  The 4080th then began flying the high-altitude U-2 reconnaissance plane.
4080th Strategic Wing
     Redesigned 15 Jun Laughlin AFB, TX.  By 1962, it had stopped flying the B-57s and flew only the U-2.  Moved to Davis Monthan AFB, AZ on 1 Jul 1963.  Reassigned to Fifteenth Air Force, 12th Strategic Aerospace Division on 12 Jul 1963, but this was simply a name change..
Black Magic Recon Website provides the following Information:
The 4080th SRW was formed in 1956 and consisted of two flying Squadrons. The 4028th SRS flying the Lockheed U-2 and the 4025th SRS flying the Martin RB-57D.  Both of these squadrons performed sensitive surveillance mission world wide.  Other more high profile missions included flying over Cuba during the CUBAN CRISIS and the High Altitude Sampling Program ( HASP - "Crowflight") which were flown around the world measuring the radioactivity levels in the upper atmosphere following Atomic bomb detonations.  The 4080th SRW also was active during the Vietnam war and was later re-designated the 100th SRW with the 4025th and 4028th being re-designated the 349th SRS and 350th SRS respectively  The following provided by email

Some 4080th SRW  History
4025th SRS.  Activated 5/1955.  Flew RB-57D.  Deactivated 6/1960
BQM-34 Drones.  Reactivated 7/1965
3850 SRS of the 100the 100 SRW Redesigned 6/1965
4028th Strategic Recon Weather Squadron. Flew U-2
Redesignated 4028th SRS 7/1963.  Flew U-2
349th SRS of the 100th SRW.  Redesignated 6/1966
4029th SRS Paper Unit.  Deactivated 1960
4029th Strat Recon Training Sqadron.  9th SRW.  Beale AFB
4080th SRW  Activated at Turner AFB, 1955
                    Moved to Laughlin AFB, 1957
                    Moved to Davis-Monthan 1965
                    Redesignated 100th SRW 1976
100th SRW Deactivated 1976.  349, 350th became tankers units of the 100th AREWS at
Beale AFb.  All U-2 assets moved to the 99th SRS.
4141st Strategic Wing
Known only by its patch
  4200th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
     Activated in 1965, Beale AFB, CA.  Assigned to Fifteenth Air Force, 14th Strategic Aerospace Division.  Flew SR-71.  Inactivated 25 Jun 1966.
4238th Strategic Aerospace Wing
Patch is identified in Ponder's book on Air Force patch mottos. 
The term "strategic aerospace" certainly suggests it was a SAC unit.  
  4320th Strategic Wing (Missile)
     Activated 1 Feb 1958, Francis E. Warren AFB, WY.  Assigned to Strategic Air Command, 1st Missile Division.  This short-lived unit was Inactivated 23 Feb 1958.
  4321st Strategic Wing
     Activated 1 Oct 1959.Offutt AFB, NE.  Assigned to Second Air Force, 17th Air Division.  Reassigned to the  Second Air Force, 818th Strategic Aerospace Division on 15 Aug 1962
  4347th Combat Crew Training Wing
     Transferred from Air Training Command on 1 Jul 1958.  Assigned to Second Air Force and located at McConnell AFB, KS.  Assigned to 42nd Air Division on 15 Jul 1959.  Inactivated 15 Jun 1963.
  4392nd Aerospace Support Wing
     Activated 21 Jul 1961, Vandenberg AFB, CA.  Assigned to Strategic Air Command, 1st Strategic Aerospace Division.  Reassigned to the USAF Space Command on 15 Jan 1991.