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Four-Digit Wings

      Over the years SAC created many of its wings.  Unlike Constituted Combat Wings created by the Air Force, these were considered temporary and their linage, history, awards and battle honors ended when they were inactivated and could never be revived. Such wings are given four-digit designations, such as the  4137th Strategic Wing.   Although most of the four digit wings were Strategic Wings, four digit designations were used for many other wings.  All known 4-digit command established wings are listed in the section. 
B-52 Strategic Wings
     Many of the 4-digit strategic wings were formed in the late 1950's as part of SAC's plan to disburse it's big bombers over a larger number of bases, thus making it more difficult for the Soviet Union to knock out the entire fleet with a surprise first strike. 
Reflex Wings
     SAC maintained Bases and Wings in Spain, England and the high latitudes of North America so as to keep a certain number of it's bombers closer to the Soviet Union.
Air Refueling Wings
     These were short-lived units, generally located along the northern U.S. border.  Most were replaced by other units.
Combat Wings
      Used in Viet Nam war.
Other 4-digit Wings
       Includes Reconnaissance, Air Base and Strategic. 
All 4-Digit Units
      All Air Force 4-digit Squadrons and wings.  Many are not SAC.  Great reference source.