Wing Summary

2nd Bombardment WingBarksdale AFB  -  Now flies B-52H
Starting by flying B-29s and later B-50s, B-47s and B-52s.  Redesignated the 2nd Bomb Wing on October 1, 1993.
It is an active wing flying B-52Hs.from Barksdale AFB.    
5th Bombardment Wing - Minot AFB - Now flies B-52H
Began as a reconnaissance wing flying B-29s and RB-29s.  Later flew B-36s and B-52.  The 5th Bomb Wing currently maintains and flies B-52H's from Minot AFB under the Combat Air Command.
6th Bombardment WingEielson AFB - Now the 6th Refueling Wing
Upgraded from B-36 Peacekeepers to B-52 Stratofortress in 1957.. It ceased B-52 operations in early 1967 and was redesignated as the 6th Strategic Wing on March 25, 1967 and transferred to Eielson AFB in Alaska.
7th Bombardment Wing - Dyess AFB - Now flies B-1B
One of SAC's first wings.  Started out with B-29s.  First wing to receive the B-36.  Converted to 1958.  Moved to Dyess AFB in Abilene, Texas in 1993 replacing the 96th Bomb Wing. Currently flies B-1B's.
9th Bombardment Wing - Beale AFB - Now the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
Began as reconnaissance and bomb unit flying man planes including the B-29, RB-29 and RB-36.  A long-time tanker wing flying everything from KB-29s to the latest KC-135Q.   Later received the SR-71 and U-2.
11th Bombardment WingAltus AFB - Now the 11th Air Refueling Wing
Retired its fleet of B-36 Peacekeepers at Carswell AFB in 1957 and moved to Altus AFB,  Oklahoma.  Flew  B-52s  1958-1968.  On July 2, 1968 it was redesignated the 11th Air Refueling Wing. Now the 11th Wing at Bolling AFB, Washington D.C.  
17th Bombardment Wing - Beale AFB Inactivated 1976
Organized at Wright-Patterson AFB in 1963 where it took over both the aircraft and personnel of the former 4043d Strategic Wing. Later moved to Beale AFB where it absorbed the aircraft and personnel of the 456th Bomb Wing. 
19th Bombardment Wing - Robins AFB - Now the 19th Air Refueling Wing
The 19th Bomb Wing (Medium) Flew B-47s out of Homestead AFB, Florida.  In 1961 it received B-52s and moved to Robins AFB near Macon, Georgia.  Ceased B-52 operations in 1983 and became 19th Air Refueling Wing.
22nd Bombardment Wing - McConnell AFB - Now the 22nd Refueling Wing
It's B-29s fought in the Korean War. Upgraded to B-47s and later to B-52s.  Ceased operations on October 1, 1982 and  was redesignated as the 22 Air Refueling Wing.  It is now on active duty at McConnell AFB.
26th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing - NEW PAGE
28th Bombardment Wing - Ellsworth AFB -  Flies B-1B
Established in 1947, it flew B-29s, B-36, B-52.  In 1986, converted to B-1Bs.  Became the 28th Wing on 1 Sep 1991, then the 28th Bomb Wing on 1 Jun 1992. 
39th Bombardment WingBarksdale AFB - Inactivated 1965
Flew B-52G's from 1963 until the unit transferred to Barksdale AFB in Bossier City, Louisiana on June 25, 1965. At this time the 39th Bomb Wing was inactivated.
40th Bombardment Wing - Schilling AFB - Status Unknown
One of SAC's first ten bomb wings, but inactivated in 1946.  Activated in 1953 as a B-29 wing.   Transition from B-29s to all Jet B-47s took place the following year.  
42nd Bombardment Wing - Loring AFB - Now the 42nd Air Base Wing
The Established in 1953.  Flew B-29s, then B-36. then B-52s.  The 42d ceased operations and was deactivated on September 30, 1994.
43rd Bombardment Wing - Andersen AFB - Inactivated 1990
Established in 1947.  Flew B-29s, B-36, B-47 and B-58.  The 43d Strategic Wing remained active until November 4, 1986 at which time it was redesignated the 43d Bomb Wing. The 43d was deactivated on September 30, 1990.
44th Bombardment Wing / Missile Wing - Ellsworth AFB - Now the 44th Missile Wing
55th Reconnaissance Wing - Established in 1948. Long reconnaissance history.
58th Bombardment Group - Ft Worth AAA - First stateside 8th Air Force Headquarter. Inactivated 1946
68th Bombardment Wing - Seymore-Johnson AFB - Inactivated 1982
Established in 1951.  Flew B-29s, B-47s and B-52s.

70th Bombardment Wing - Clinton-Sherman AFB - Inactivated 1969
Began as a reconnaissance wing flying RB-47s.  Later flew B-52s.

72nd Strategic Reconnaissance - Ramey AFB - Inactivated 1971
Flew RB-36 Peacemakers out of  Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico.  Converted to bombers and became a bomb wing.  Upgraded to B-52s in 1958.
90th Bombardment Wing Francis E Warren AFB - Now the 90th Space Wing
Activated in 1951.  Flew B-29s and B-47.  Converted to Minuteman Missiles in 1963   
91st Bombardment Wing  Minot AFB - Now the 91st Space Wing
One of SAC's longest lasting and most versatile wings.  Established in 1948.  Flew B-17s, B-25s, and the rare B-45s and B-50s.  Flew RB-47s for reconnaissance.  In 1962 converted to B-52s.  Six years later, it moved to Minot and became a Minuteman Missile wing. 
92nd Bombardment Wing - Fairchild AFB  - Now the 92nd Refueling Wing.
Established in 1947.  Flew B-29s, B-36s and B-52s. Fought in the Korean War. .Deeply involved in Vietnam War and Desert Storm.   Became a refueling wing in 1994.  
93rd Bombardment Wing - Castle AFB  - Now the 93rd Air Control Wing 
One of SAC's first ten bomb groups.  Only it and the 509th survived past 1946.  Flew B-29s, B-50s, B-47s and B-52.  First wing to receive B-52 and primary training unit for B-52 crews  Now flies J-Stars out of Robins AFB, Ga.
95th Bombardment Wing - Fairchild AFB - NOW: 95th Air Base Wing
Established in 1952.  Flew  B-36s and  B-52s.  Inactivated in 1966.  Reactivated as Air Base Wing in 1994 
96th Bombardment Wing - Dyess AFB - NOW: 96th Air Base Wing
Activated 1953.  Flew B-47s and B-52.  Lost bombers in 1994 and became an Air Base Wing.
97th Bombardment Wing -   Eaker AFB - NOW: 97th Air Mobility Wing
Assigned to SAC in Nov. 1946. Flew B-29s. B-50s, B-47s and B-52s. .Active in Vietnam, Grenada and Kuwait.  Lost B-52s in 1992 and became an Air Mobility Wing. 
98th Bombardment Wing - Fairchild AFB- Inactivated 1976
Long Established 1947.  Blew B-29s.  Fought in the Korean War.

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99th Bombardment Wing - Westover AFB - NOW: 99th Air Base Wing
The 99th Bomb Wing originally flew B-29s. Converted to B-36 n 1951. About this time, the 111th Reconnaissance Wing (Air National Guard) was activated at Fairchild. Later, this unit was redesignated the 99th Bombardment Wing and transferred to Westover AFB, Mass. NO PATCH

100th Bombardment Wing - Miledenhall, England - NOW: 100th Air Refueling Wing
301st Bombardment Wing -
303rd Bombardment Wing - Now the 305th Air Mobility Wing
305th Bombardment Wing - Bunker Hill AFB
Famous WWII bomb group that developed low altitude precision bombing and the combat box under the direction of it's commander, General Curtis Lemay.  It began alert operations with the B-58 Hustler on Sept. 1, 1962 at Bunker Hill AFB, Indiana.  The other B-58 wing was stationed at Little Rock AFB.  The305th Air Mobility Wing is now stationed McGuire AFB, NJ
306th Bombardment Wing - Inactivated 1992
Activated in July 1947 and  flew B-29s.  First operational B-47 Wing.  As B-52s replaced B-47s the 306th Bombardment Wing was moved to McCoy AFB, Florida, where as a B-52 and KC-135 unit, it replaced the 4047th Strategic Wing.  In 1992 the 100th Air Refueling Wing (USAFE), assumed the 306th responsibilities and became Headquarters European Tanker Task Force.
307th Strategic Wing - 
308th Bombardment Wing - Hunter AFB
310th Bombardment Wing
319th Bombardment Wing - Now the 319th Air Refueling Wing
Grand Forks AFB, ND
320th Bombardment Wing - Mather AFB
The 320th Bombardment Wing (Heavy) flew B-52s out of Mather AFB, CA from 1963 through 1989
321st Bombardment Wing

340th Bombardment Wing - Sedalia AFB / Whiteman AFB - Now the 340th Flying Training Group.  Activated in 1952.  Flew B-47s, B-52s and FB-111As.   Inactivated 1971.  Now at t Randolph AFB, TX

341st Bombardment Wing - Now the 341st Space Wing
376th Strategic Wing
379th Bombardment Wing
380th Bombardment Wing - Plattsburgh AFB, NY - Inactivated 1994
Activated 1955.  Flew B-47, B-52, FB-111.
384th - deactivated in 1994
392nd Bombardment Wing
397th Bombardment Wing -
410th Bombardment Wing -
416th Bombardment Wing -
444th Bombardment Group - One of SAC's first ten bomb groups, but inactivated in 1946.  
448th Bombardment Group - One of SAC's first ten bomb groups, but inactivated in 1946.  
449th Bombardment Group -
One of SAC's first ten bomb groups, but inactivated in 1946.  
450th Bombardment Wing -
454th Bombardment Wing
456th Bombardment Wing - Beale AFB - Absorbed into 17th BW in 1975
461st Bombardment Wing
462nd Strategic Wing -
465th Bombardment Wing - Robins AFB - Absorbed into 19th Bomb Wing in 1968.
467th Bombardment Group - One of SAC's first ten bomb groups, but inactivated in 1946.  
484th Bombardment Wing -
485th Bombardment Group - One of SAC's first ten bomb groups, but inactivated in 1946.  
494th Bombardment Wing
498th Bombardment GroupOne of SAC's first ten bomb groups, but inactivated in 1946.  
509th Bombardment Wing - Whiteman AFB - Active
One of SAC's first ten bomb groups.  It and the 92nd were the only two that survived past 1946.  The 509th dropped the atomic bombs on Japan and is regarded as the core or beginning of SAC..       
544 Recon Intelligence Wing