Wing Index
Master Index of all Wings assigned to SAC. Provides a quick-load means to access a wing history.    Wings in bold means that info has been copied to base page


Constituted Combat Wings
Established by the US Air Force. Have one, two or three digit designations

Original 1946 Groups
Of the original ten bomb groups assigned to SAC, only two continued in service.  Three were later reestablished as Wings.
All are listed on the page, linked to above.  The 311th Recon was deactived in 1949.
The groups that never saw actual service in SAC are listed below

58th 311th 444th 448th 467th 485th 498th      

SAC Combat Wings
Includes Bombardment, Missile, Reconnaissance, Aerial Refueling and Intelligence

Fighter Wings
All Although Combat Wings, not included in the above.:

1st 4th 12th 27th 31st 33rd 56th 71st 82nd 108th
131st 132nd 407th 506th 508th          

National Guard Wings
Saw temporary duty in SAC.  Includes Bombers, Fighters, and Refueling units

106th 108th 111th 126th 131st 132nd 141t 146th 171st  

Command Wings
Established by the Strategic Air Command, rather than USAF.  Have four digit designations.

4038th 4039th 4042nd 4043rd 4047th 4123rd 4126th 4128th 4130th 4133rd
4134th 4135th 4136th 4137th 4138th 4141st 4170th 4228th 4238th 4239th
4241st 4245th

Air Refueling  Wings
These were temporary units

4045th 4050th 4060th 4061st 4090th 4208th        

Reflex Wings
These were based outside the continental US to provide rapid response in the event of an enemy attack.

3918th 3920th 3973rd 3977th 4081st 4082nd 4083rd 4157th 4158th 7602nd

Combat Units
Provisional Bomb Wings used during the Viet Nam war

4133rd 4258th                

Other 4-Digit Wings
Includes Strategic, Reconnaissance, Air Base, and Training Wings.  Also several known to exist only by their patch.

3902nd 3904th 3960th 4025th 4026th 4028th 4200th 4238th 4320th 4321st
4347th 4392nd